Tuesday, 16 April 2013

My first refashion (upcyle?recycle?!) project

Wow, I had so many projects I wanted to finish up and blog about over the Easter break and then...well, then life with two small children happened! Both children have tag teamed me with some inexplicable lurgy or another over the past couple of weeks which has meant that pretty much nothing has been going on around here :( 

Before the bugs descended though I did manage a 5 minute dash around one of my local charity shops (Isaac, as a male, is typically unimpressed with shopping of any description!) and the first thing I picked up was this:

I loved the pretty floral prints and the floaty tiers...

I knew instantly what I wanted to do with it...and so it became this:

This was my first ever refashion (yay!) but it was a pretty simple process (helped by this tutorial from which I made this skirt). Firstly I figured out how much of the top shirred section I would need to encase some 1" elastic and  chopped off the excess (I serged the raw edge, although I could also have just folded over a 1/4" before sewing).  Then I folded over and sewed down the waistband, leaving an opening through which to thread the elastic.  I tried the skirt on Abigail with the elastic threaded through and pinned in place to check the fit before then sewing the ends of the elastic together and sewing up the opening. Et voila, the easiest skirt I think I'll ever make!

Excellent for twirling in...

 or a little ballet...first position anyone?

Something about the clothes I make that makes my kids dance, can't be a bad thing!

I have also managed to get a bit of planning done for luvinthemommyhood's Spring Tops, Tanks & Tees knit along (my first ever kal, eeeek!...more on that soon), start on a cute knitted tee for Abigail and bag a huge pile of lovely fabrics from my wonderful Mum's stash (isn't she lovely?!).  So, inspite of the lacklustre past couple of weeks I'm excited about the possibilities ahead!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Shorts...and snow!

So, whilst I have been viewing all sorts of gorgeous posts on other blogs (like here - check out the cute clothes too!) where the spring weather is evidently at it's best we've had no such luck here in the UK.  It's snowing....again, and the temperatures are struggling to get above about 5 degrees (C)...again with no end in sight :( I am losing the will to do anything at all but am determined to remain positive that Spring will grace us with it's presence...eventually!  And so, showing full faith that warmer weather is on it's way, I'm going to share a cute pair of shorts I made for Isaac.

In my last post I sang the praises of Dana from Made and her fabulous tutorials and at the risk of repeating myself I'm going to do the same again today.  It's worth repeating something that good after all! (p.s. I do read other blogs, honestly!)

So here I used her KID shorts tutorial, which is an add on to the KID pants Basic pant tutorial (I have some of those in the pipeline too!)

I really wanted to make a pair in a big-check fabric like these but on a trip to Ikea I picked up a bargain remnant of cool big-stripe fabric which I loved (not quite as much as the checks, but almost) and here they are...

I think the stripe makes them nautical and summery...and plenty boy-ish.

Monday, 25 March 2013

A Simple Skirt

I'm so happy to be finally posting my first official blog project!  One of my favourite sewing blogs has to be MADE.  If you haven't already, go and check it out, it's FAB!  I LOVE all the cute and creative kids clothes that Dana designs and creates...and I love it even more that she is so generous in the sharing of her ideas and knowledge through her tutorials so that newbies like me can learn to make gorgeous and practical pieces for my children.

Friday, 8 March 2013

A thing of beauty is a joy forever...

This is my Grandmother's (Nanny as she's affectionately known to my brother and I) Singer.  Isn't it beautiful?  This sewing machine was one of the only 'brand new' things she ever received...and probably the most expensive.  When grandad passed away about 18 months ago this was one of the treasured items I was blessed to take home with me when we cleared out the house where he and Nanny had lived for over 60 years.